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Privacy Screening

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We all like to have friendly neighbors. It definitely makes life a bit more tranquil. But no matter how friendly homeowners are, most of them agree that privacy is a must! Enjoying your lifestyle from the comfort and privacy of your home is priceless. At Fort Lauderdale Landscape Design, we offer privacy screening as an aesthetic option to maintain the privacy of your personal space. It can help protect you from unwanted noise, gossip, intrusion. For others, it is a great way of controlling how much sunlight they want in their house. Privacy screening come in all shapes and sizes. Allow us to recommend the perfect match for you.

Hiding spaces

Privacy screening are a great way of adding style to your deck or patio. They are so extremely practical! Some clients like to use privacy screens as a physical partition than block off a part of your exterior that you don’t necessarily want visitors to see. These screens can be used to hide indispensable but non-aesthetical installations; such as pool filters or a bike rack. For these type of installations, our team of professionals make sure that the screens are stylish, but also practical to reach whatever it is we are hiding.

Noise proof

Have you ever had a noisy neighbor? Maybe someone that puts the music up too high or has small toddlers. Or maybe you just live near a busy street. Whichever the reason, noise can be an unwanted stress factor that no one likes having to deal with at home. Privacy screenings are a solution to reduce noise. There are certain screens made out of material that can block out noise. Wooden panels or wooden slates are two options to assure the calm and peace of your outdoor space.

Green wall

Border plants, hedges and trees are a softscape option that allow privacy, while also adding greenery to your landscape. The wonderful benefit about using plants for privacy is that they can allow natural, uneven streaks of sunlight in. Our company use only the best plants and trees for privacy screening. They grow fast and require very little maintenance. We also chose the best type of plant depending on the desired sight lines that need to be blocked. Tall trees are a great choice for taller sight lines, while hedges work best for street level requirements. Softscape is the most popular option amongst our eco-friendly clients.


If privacy is your number one priority, you might want to think about adding a fence. Fences are an ideal choice for clients who want to block out any exterior views. Some houses already come installed with small picket fences, but our clients would prefer a taller screen. Since fences tend to be much more visible, we always offer a wide variety of timber, to make sure it fits well with the landscape design. A great benefit about fences is that they can be renovated throughout the years. Creative clients can choose to change the paint color, add light installations or hang potted plants.

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