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Outdoor Living

outdoor living room with green scenery

Hanging out in your backyard with your family is a safe and inexpensive way to spend time together. Unlike other cities in the country, in Fort Lauderdale we are blessed with great weather. This makes us want to do just about any daily activity outdoors, whether that be cooking, eating, playing board games or throwing a party. Our company believes that outdoor living is an exciting way of making the exterior setting an extension of your home. Our team of professional landscapers combine creativity and ingenuity to make sensational projects, so that our clients can enjoy their property as much as possible.

The old and new

Some clients are emotional attached to certain furniture and want to have them included in the new outdoor living design. No problem! Once our clients give a list of their existing possessions that they want included into the new design, we find stylish ways to add them on. Sometimes a new coat of paint can turn an old dining table into a new item for your outdoor sitting area. Other clients renovate their outdoors once their children have grown out of their play area. We don’t have to refurbish everything from scratch. We can reuse certain material or furniture in order to make the renovation process more creative and inexpensive.

Outdoor kitchen

Many families use cooking as a communal activity. Some couple prefer spending time in the kitchen, rather than spending money on takeout. Whatever your reasons, at Fort Lauderdale Landscape Designs, we fully understand the importance of enjoying your kitchen. And better yet, enjoying your outdoor kitchen on a beautiful sunny day or starry night. We prioritize the type of furniture that will be installed, depending on the type of cooking activities that our clients prefer. For example, if they are pizza lover, then for sure we would recommend a pizza oven. Or if you they are more into steaks, then maybe an open fire BBQ setting works best. Outdoor kitchens can fit anyone’s taste.

Outdoor cinema

We have so many clients that enjoy using their backyard to get together to watch a football match or a movie. There is a practical solution to enjoy this activity all year round: an outdoor cinema! We can easily include this to the outdoor design. By adding a white screening, organizing electricity connections, adding adequate furniture and installing proper lighting, our company can turn your backyard into an outdoor movie theatre. We can even make sure to add a small designated area for a cooler, so that you are never out of snacks while you’re enjoying the movie.

Fire pit

There is no better way to bring people together than around a nice cozy fireplace. That’s why exterior fire pits are a great choice to make those nice summer nights a memorable event. The style of the fire pit will the determine the type of material used. For example, we use trapezoidal blocks for round fire pits, while a square pits require rectangular blocks. At Fort Lauderdale Landscape Design, we understand that fires are a safety hazard, especially with children around. That’s why we take the necessary safety measures during the landscape design. We choose the fire pit location a safe distance from any fences, sheds or low trees. We also abide by all the local building codes.

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