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Landscape Installation

essential tools for garden landscaping

No two homeowners are alike. For this reasons, no two landscapes designs are identical. Each designs respond to the unique taste of a property owner. Whether you are into eco-friendly, sustainable projects or wish to optimize a small lawn, our company has you covered. Fort Lauderdale Landscape designs provide professional landscape installations that respond to your specific needs. We work in a timely fashion, always respecting your budget. We believe that a great installation in a long term investment for you and your family.

Communication with clients

At Fort Lauderdale Landscape Design, we believe that the first step to any landscape design is for our landscape architect to have a sit down with our clients. Our years of experience have shown us that understanding the specific needs and requirements of our clients is the key to a successful project. In the initial conversation, we review any preliminary vision and budget that our client might have. This helps us recommend the most cost effective solution and prioritize certain aspects of the installation. Some clients even bring along photos from Pinterest, books or plant nursery. We always encourage our clients to speak honestly, share their personal taste and bring along any visual resources that may provide a better understanding of the landscape solution in mind.

Creating a Plan

Once we have our client’s idea and budget in mind, our landscape designer creates a plan of action. This includes a formal drawn up plan, as well as a scheduled itinerary of the step that will be taken. The plan is consulted with our client so that any necessary modifications can be made. We like our customers to feel excited and reassure about the whole landscaping process, because we know how overwhelming or frustrating it can be sometimes. Our professional team can create a customized plan for any size of landscape in Fort Lauderdale.

Installation Process

The communication process with our clients doesn’t stop after the initial plan has been made. With the aid of our itinerary plan, we make sure our client is informed of the installation process stages that are underway. This always our client to timely communicate any changes that might be necessary to consider. If our clients realize there is something that doesn’t fit well with their vision, we always welcome them to communicate it with our team of landscapers as soon as possible. Likewise, our crew of designers will consult any changes or questions that may arise. This way we can construct satisfactory solution that keeps everyone happy.

Maintenance Services

Once the final product has been delivered and we have put a smile on our customers face, we offer season maintenance and repair services. This service included irrigation inspection, seasonal pruning, tree removal, bed preparation and fertilization, amongst other actions. Unexpected weather may cause unwanted changed in the installation that require an extra repair. This is normal and shouldn’t be a reason to stress. Our maintenance services are an excellent solution to make the most out of your investment.

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