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Landscape Ideas

outdoor garden with fine landscaping

When our landscape designers and architects have a sit down with our clients, they tend to ask them: “how do you envision your landscape in the short and long term? What use would you like for your exteriors? For example, some people want to use their exteriors as small play area for their children, while others would like a more social space for weekend barbeques with friends. Long term goals might include planting bigger trees for a future tree house or maybe a compost area for planting tomatoes. It is a great starting point to have a clear understanding of how your family wants to use their home exterior. Below you can find some extra tips to get excited about landscape ideas for your property.

Matching designs

To make sure the whole property has a cohesive look, we recommend to ensure that the home interior style go hand in hand with the home exterior. In those cases, we ask your client’s to point out what specific features they like most about their indoor spaces, so that we can prioritize that style into the exterior design. For example, we would recommend minimalist lines and monochromatic garden beds for our clients that have more modern homes, while our clients with more traditional Fort Lauderdale houses may work well with summer landscape plans.

Leveling and Slope

Some properties have slopes or hills in their backyards. That isn’t necessary a bad thing. It can be a characteristic to take advantage of. By using the diversity in leveling, we can make a more visual impact. For example, we can install smaller garden beds on the slope, but make sure to use more vivid colors so that they stand out. Another option is to make several defined levels by using retaining walls. This is great way of create level garden beds.

Garden beds

Garden beds are an excellent way to define different areas in the exterior, for example, they can be used to separate the pool area from the patio. For clients with smaller backyards, we recommend to use less variation of plant colors. Picking a few colors is a better way to make sure each one of them stand out. Different plant textures can be mixed and matched in the same area. For example, we recommend to be creative and layer the heights in your garden beds. Our crew of landscapers tend to install smaller plants in the front of the garden bed, while the larger plants go in the back. We also make sure that the taller plants that are chosen do not block the windows later due to their growth.

Water decorations

For clients that prefer using water to make their landscape more decorative, we offer a variety of options. A small pond can be added so that endemic fish can make it their new habitat. Other clients prefer fountains, to give a more peaceful, elegant tone to the house. A statue with a minor water flow is a great choice for more reduced spaces. A pool is always a popular choice for those hot Fort Lauderdale days, although they might require more space. Anyone of these choices can be further decorated with a beautiful pathway made out of solid concrete, crushed gravel or stepping stones.

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