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Landscape Design

shrubs for living fences

Our customized landscape designs are what sets us apart in the industry. We pride ourselves in being innovative Fort Lauderdale landscapers. We want to make sure your home stands out from the crowd and reflects your unique, personal style. That’s why every landscape design that we offer is created with a specific customer in mind. Our company’s team of landscape designers are creative professionals that love to get their creative juices flowing. We only use material and equipment of the upmost quality, to make sure that they go hand in hand with the quality of our workmanship. Rest assure that we can make your dream house come true.

Taking advantage of the space

Properties in Fort Lauderdale come in all shapes and sizes. Our designs accommodate to every one of them. We want to make the most out of the exterior, which is why, before proposing a landscape design, we like to review the site’s conditions. We look at everything that is already installed, in case the client would like to renovate by adding to what already exists. Or, if on the contrary, our client would like to remove a tree to have extra lawn space, we can definitely get that done as well. You don’t need to have a large surface in order to have a beautiful landscape.

Proper Lighting

At Fort Lauderdale Landscape Design, we believe that an excellent landscape design requires an excellent landscape lighting. Prior to drawing up a design plan, our team of landscape designers review the natural lighting of your property. This entails understanding how to make the most out of the sunlight and shade. Installing the right lighting in the right place can make all the difference. It can make the hardscape and softscape stand out, while creating the right ambiance for your exteriors. Furthermore, our landscape lighting designs are constructed to take into consideration sustainable solutions which will not affect your power bill.


Many of our clients like their landscape design to reflect their lifestyle. That is why we offer the option of providing eco-friendly landscaping. What does this mean? It means making sure we use organic products throughout our garden designs. We do not use chemical fertilizers and make sure that the water irrigation is as efficient as possible. We ensure that, prior to planting, we use compost to nourish the soil and top-dress the surface with natural products such as hardwood mulch. We also use green screening which can provide privacy and shade, without requiring any extra maintenance.

Native Features

We are proud to consider ourselves a “born and bred” local company. This means that we strive to offer landscape designs that are appropriate to Fort Lauderdale. We provide native landscaping ideas that take into account our environment’s native trees and plants. Examples of such greenery include Bald Cypress, Florida Thatch Palm, Laurel Oak and Cabbage Palm. The benefits of adding native features to your landscape is that they are respond well to seasonal changes. They are also a distinctive option if you wish to reflect Florida’s unique beauty.

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