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landscaping outdoor floor tiles

Hardscaping in one of the most important renovations for home owners because they are a long term investment that can guarantee beauty and creativity for your home for up to five or ten years down the line. Whether it’s a large hardscape plan, such as an outdoor kitchen, or a smaller project, such as a new pathway entrance, Fort Lauderdale Landscape Design guarantees precise beauty. Our company prioritizes security. That’s why, when we install Hardscaping, we take all the necessary safety measures, such as requesting 811 to have the underground utilities lines marked and keeping up to date with the local construction codes.

Patios and decks

Our amazing Florida weather shouldn’t be taken for granted. Those stunning days filled with sunshine are amazing opportunities to make the most out of your home exterior. If our client has a reduced space, there are several options, such as a townhouse deck, with decorated rugs, cushions, Edison bulbs and some potted plants. If we have a client with a large backyard, we can install a floating wooden patio with woven chairs. For those beautiful old houses, we install traditional front porches with a hanging bench or add minimalist white chairs for a modern touch. With our creativity, the sky is the limit.


Driveways can add extra appeal to your home. Although driveways are not areas in the house used for social gatherings, many of our client’s like to prioritize driveway renovations because they are located in the front, and therefore, are the first thing people see. We are considerate about our client’s budget, so we avoid designs that will require high maintenances services in the long run. That’s why we use only the most durable, innovative material that will resist harsh weathers, soil erosion and slopes. In order to guarantee durability, our landscapers always review the surface area before offering different design options for driveways.


Adding water features is another hardscaping option. At Fort Lauderdale Landscape Design, we can provide a wide variety of fountain styles made out of stone, concrete or marble. They can be symmetrical, minimalist, Zen, Greek, amongst others. We can provide suggestions that match well with the general landscape design. If you already have a fountain in your property, there are many ways of add beauty to it. Two methods are adding flower beds and a small sitting area. You can add wooden or concrete benches. If you are a coffee lover, maybe adding a small round table can be the finishing touch.

Paths and walkways

Paths and walkways are an excellent method to avoid those uncomfortable moments when guests accidently step on your new garden beds or trip over uneven grass. As professional landscapers, we use paths to highlight areas of interest within your landscape, such as patios or BBQ areas. We choose patterns and styles that fit well with the type of surface and soil of the property. Jack-on-jack is a classic, traditional option, while the Pinwheel option tend to be a more sophisticated choice. Stamped pavers are a great stone pattern that are much quicker to install. They are an excellent choice for our client’s that have tight deadlines.

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